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Zigbee test

Started by TuxD3v, May 28, 2013, 10:51:37 PM

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Hi i have two zigbee modules with uext connector.

I want to test them.So I puted a battery in one and conected the other to rs232 serial cable emulator, to PC.

In the manual of the zigbee modules, Olimex said that information is sent via uart.
So am using uart, trying to see someting in the computer.
sudo minicom -b 115200 -o -D /dev/ttyUSB0(its my serial), the baudrate, i don  find it, but i am using 115200, i think is ok?

well...nothing appears in console :S

any hint?



Hi Olimex,

So I realize that the both zigbee modules come with a End Device firmware.

I have flashed the two, one with end device thermometer, and the other with Cordenator_termometer examples...

But i need something different...

I want to send commands to a Pan Coordinator module(for a mesh network), using for example uart, or spi, or something...

The PAN receive my commands, interpret them and send the commands to the right End Device(for example to read a temperature value).

To start with this, can I use the Codenator code example(that come in DemoSoft_MOD-ZIGBEE_v.1.00_11.05.2011.zip), at a base, for a mesh network, or I need another option?

Is there any other example that is better for my needs?


I saw another example in your site(MOD-ZIGBEE_PowerPoint.zip), is this for Zifbee or for MIWI?
What the exact purpose?

For what i understood DemoSoft_MOD-ZIGBEE_v.1.00_11.05.2011.zip is for MIWI.

And MOD-ZIGBEE_PowerPoint.zip is examples for Zigbee.

Am I correct?

thanks in advance.



Hi, please any body can help??

don't let your costumers dying ...



Hey Tux,

Both examples are for ZIGBEE. Generally our ZIGBEE modules are just an implementation of the Microchip's MRF24J40. The code inside is a simple implementation of their examples that are part of the Microchip's application libraries. We haven't done much ourselves and it will provide more helpful for you to refer to the complete Microchip documentation. I bet there would be much useful information and best practices about MRF24J40 in Microchip's forums also.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex