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Started by Oclistediscussion, September 15, 2012, 04:05:42 PM

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Arduino french, deutch, italiano are very active. A lot users don't speak english very well.
It 's possible to make section these 3 languages ?
And other section like : bar (beer, wine) to speak the weather ?

Sorry to write here.


This forum is to help people who use our products to share their knowledge.

If one have problem  to may search if there is already answer and if there is not, to post his problem and wait someone to respond, so our technical staff, our developers, or other forum member (if know more) to may be able to help.

What is the reason to make sections in different languages which only part of the forum members will be able to use? I do not see much sense in something like this :)

First this makes impossible all forum members to participate in the discussions.

Second we at Olimex have no way to respond in French or Spanish for instance, unless we use some kind of program translator which is in 99% of the cases twist the sense of the post.

So multi-language is totally irrelevent for the purposes this forum, if you want to chat somewhere in your local language please do it but not here :)