Help booting bare-metal code on the OLinuXino-MICRO

Started by failsafe, April 26, 2013, 11:01:48 AM

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Hey everyone,
I recently bought the i.mx233 based OLinuXino-MICRO to mess around with and give me some more power than the AVR uC's I've been doing abit with lately. However I'm having trouble getting my code to run on the board and there doesn't seem to be much information floating around the web on how to do it either (one thing I miss about the AVR's).

As far as I can tell, once I have my compiled .elf file from my source code, which just attempts to turn on LED1 on the board, I need to run elftosb (provided by freescale) to turn it into a safeboot file which I do using the following command:

elftosb -z -c make_boot.db -o boot.elf

where my make_boot.db file is

// Define one input file that will be the first file listed
// on the command line. The file can be either an ELF file
// or an S-record file.

sources {
inputFile = extern(0);

// create a section
section (0) {
load inputFile; // load all sections
call inputFile; // jump to entry point

just copied from the elftosb manual because it seems to be all I need

Once I have the safeboot file I need to get it onto a bootable uSD card which I do using the CFImager program (provided by freescale) and the command

CFImager -f -d D

where D is the drive my uSD card is mounted.

I never get any errors but when I put it into my OLinuXino-MICRO, nothing happens

Any Ideas?

Fadil Berisha

Have you added bootlet's on your code? Bootlet's needed to initialize clock and power for DRAM.