MOD-ZIGBEE and using Zigbee

Started by wrigl_jm, April 23, 2013, 02:03:06 PM

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Hi there.
We are trying to use the MOD-ZIGBEE as a remote temperature sensor with Zigbee back to a controller.
The demo software turns out to just contain MIWi networking - MiWi is incompatible with our controller.

There are many references to the MOD-ZIGBEE having a free Zigbee stack, but all we can find is a link to the $995 Zigbee Pro stack. No sign of a usable Zigbee stack anywhere else, and $995 is out of the budget for this small project.

Is there a better solution for a Zigbee stack? (preferably free..)
Do we need to abandon Zigbee and use MiWi? in which case we need a MiWi compatible board with a USB output.

Grateful for any suggestions...
Many thanks


Hello wrigl_jm,

MOD-ZIGBEE boards have the ZIGBEE stack provided by Microchip. They are also compatible with Microchip's MiWi stack. The latest documents for Microchip's ZIGBEE and MiWi are the two listed below.


The ZIGBEE examples are based on Unfortunately, the developer that wrote the examples left the company and I can't ask him whether he combined other elements in the mentioned demos but he did say that it works with other ZigBee devices (which was couple of years ago and noone tested them afterwards, maybe the stack was changed?). I'm pretty sure we haven't purchased ZIGBEE stack software, it was provided free as part of the Microchip's Application Libraries.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex