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Soft requirements for ElecGuru?

Started by berdran, April 20, 2013, 06:20:21 PM

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I've just tried the SHIELD-EKG-EMG with Arduino R3. I downloaded ElecGuru from the web site (and as indicated by the documentation, rev. E). ElecGuru does not start. So I suppose that my old version of Windows XP lacks some updates. Is there a requirement on Java or on the .NET version? I tried on an old laptop for demonstration purposes.

The good news is that BrainBay does the job. There should probably be a link on the web page or on the documentation, with explanations on the configuration (well, I found the right configuration by reading the demo arduino programming). I'm glad this works with such an old PC!

I have another question related to the hard: are there some recommandations for the gain adjustment?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Hello berdran,

Glad you managed to get the things going with the Arduino R3! If you have a free moment to write a short setup on how this is done step by step and attach/link the files you used I would do my best to upload it on SHIELD-EKG-EMG's web page! If you wish you can also make a guide in a separate post here with some embedded images. That would be nice help for people that can't get this popular combination running.

About the gain adjustment: using the trimmer you can control the gain. Naturally you don't want to set it to maximum values since that would:

1. Decrease exponentially the accuracy
2. Possibly cut some of the data off the grids

Of course setting it too low would result in bad visibility.

Overall it is good if it is a bit above the middle position.

Best regards,
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It was my first time with Arduino, so no need to say that I am not an expert. I followed my intuition, so what I did is probably not the best. I suppose that some true experts will correct me. Do it, I won't mind.

I installed it under Windows XP with an old version of Java (I don't even dare to chek). The installations steps were :
- download the latest version of the Ardunino software from the site and install it
- download the libraries as indicated by the notice. Unzip them and install the libraries in the Arduino library folder. Remove the version number from the directory name (the structure of the library subfolder is simple: the library you call in your program must have the name of the folder, and the program will look for the code in this directory -make sure the code is at this level, you can get trapped by the unzipping process that creates a subfolder...)
- set the jumpers on the Olimex board as indicated by the Olimex notice
- plug the boards
- connect them with the USB cable. The system asks for the driver: take the one from the Arduino directory. Go to the device manager to check the COM port number (I browsed a little in the USB devices; fortunately, the name "Arduino" was in the list). I made sure to have one below 4.
- start the Arduino software, open the Olimex demo soft.
- follow the same steps as in the Olimex notice, except for the board (your Arduino Uno, of course). Make sure that the COM port you selected is checked
- then you can compile and transfer the soft. It should work.

I experienced only few errors, due to the unzipping process (see above): I had to adapt the folder name of the library I had downloaded. If a library is not properly installed, you get an error message saying that the corresponding variable type or name does not exist or something alike.

I can't give any advice on ElecGuru....

I'll put later images if necessary (probably the structure of the library folder).

Do you need an exemple to make it work with BrainBay? It is pretty simple.

Best regards,


Hey berdran,

Thank you for the nice guide! Since we often get queries on how to make Arduino R3 work with SHIELD-EKG-EMG I will star this post.

Some pictures and a short guide about BrainBay would be nice if/when you have the time. Don't want to disturb you.

Thank you and best regards,
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if had picture, it would be perfect, thanks


Hello, do you know how i can take measurements values from the ekg/emg- shield ???i use arduino uno r3???


SHIELD-EKG-EMG fits Arduino UNO R3. If you search online for "SHIELD-EKG-EMG + Arduino UNO" you would find a lot of customers that used the combination successfully in the past and shared their experience online.

For example check these links:




and many, many more.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex