Dosing pump using duinomite, who can help a beginner?

Started by Fiesta90150, October 03, 2013, 11:02:45 AM

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a little more information:

I do not know how to program the duinomite and i have no knowledge in electronics... I can solder thats about it and learn how all this works =).

I just ned some help on how to build this dosing setup...

I have bought 4 4.8V servos already.

I would need a program that will turn each survo on more than once a day, lets say 5 times per day for each servo... and i would need to be able to determin at what time they come on... and for how long...



duinomite have no servo control command by default, so you have to write one in C and add as command, search our blog there is written how to add new commands in Basic


ZDid you get your code for the dosing pump. Looks like a euthinasia deviee.
Look great also


Sorry for th typo. Your post has been so long that I did not know if you still needed help. I am a Robotics Engineer and have conceptualized and implemented many devices like the one you show on You Tube. I don't see any closed loop feedback encoders for positioning, if that is important, as it provides your accuracy. I feel that C would be the best bet. As a beginner, you might want to seek your interface code from another project and learn how to convert the necessary I/O's, etc to make it work. Then test that One step at a time. There millions of pages of C++ code, even on Usenet that people are willing to share. You can learn to link your libraries and modules together and possibly be successful. Learning C from the onset takes time and practice. I see you have your servos moving so you have an idea of what your mechanical interface might look like There are many variables that one has to consider such as the speed on fetching inputs and action to be taken, etc. IAs far as MMBASIC is concerned, you might be able to pull it off if a high rate of scanning your interrupts, etc is not needed, but encoders would still be a very good idea especially with a sluggish code like Basic.Take a look at "Hack A Day ( and see what they are performing. you might find a seg of perfect code for yourself to start with.

I was working on an insulin pump a few years ago and I actually had it working on myself effectively without killing myself, but to try and market it was a nightmare as al of the parts have to be traceable, and they have to meet FDA criteria. I think you get my drift.

Good Luck. I love creating microprocessors that makemake things work.