problems when debuggin in eclipse

Started by pioupus, April 16, 2013, 11:02:59 AM

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Hi, i am trying to use the msp430-jtag-tiny-v2 to debug my programs. i use the msp430proxy with msp430-gdb and eclipse. under eclipse the debugenvironmet works under gdb hardware debugger.  generally it works(in main() i can step code and set breakpoitns) but there are still some problems:

1. it seems i only can step code within the main() function.

2. i cant access any memory. the errror is:
Cannot access memory at address 0x209a

3. the assembler dumb tells me the code lies under 0x21a0? which is a ram address? how can i debug it in flash enviroment?

the mcu is:

the assembler code is:

the c code

and my makefile:

i would be really gratefull if anybody had a great idea for me.

greetings, Arne