Real-Time Clock to wakeup system periodically...

Started by, November 29, 2012, 03:08:27 PM

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Hello Lub,

I am trying to use Real-Time Clock of Olinuxino Mini to wakeup my system periodically for sensor measurements and go back to power save mode. I couldn't find any literature about how to access RTC of the board through Archlinux.

Could you provide any help please.

Best Regards,



Hello Babu,

This use of the RTC for wake-up is currently not supported in the Archlinux kernel. Keep an eye on the forum for kernel updates. There might be workarounds but my advice is to post in the forums:

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Anyone working on similar issue....any suggestion about using




Hey Babu,

I happen to have the same issue. Did you figure out a way to wake the system up automatically? Did you use the RTC-MOD module?