iMX233 OlinuXino Micro to TV

Started by Jan, March 24, 2013, 01:26:17 AM

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By searching on the internet, I found the iMX233 OlinuXino Micro. I don't have much experience with this kind of things, but i think this mini computer is exactly what i need.

I would like to build a mini computer inside my old CRT tv (only connections: scart, composite/RCA and s-video) so i can watching  movies from USB and surfing on the internet on my TV.

I have already seen the Raspberry Pi, but I have not that much money to spend. This one is only 24 euro's and i see it can be connected to the composite video input of my tv. But before i will order this one, i need to know if it is just put an pre-loaded Linux microsd inside, connect it to the power and an usb hub with a keyboard, mouse, stereo- and Ethernet adapter (like RPi), or is it just a lot more?

Also should i want to know if it can run internet and movies with this specifications of do i need to go for an other board, and witch one?

Thank you for your reaction


Raspberry Pi is what you should buy. imx233 is too underpowered for such work .

There are Android TV which are available but they output HDMI.