Capacitor on MICRO (C45) not in FreeScale design- but required? SUSPEND/RESUME

Started by srungerson, March 10, 2013, 06:57:14 PM

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I am restarting the original Oct 2012 post just in case anyone has more input on this.
"Capacitor on MICRO (C45) not in FreeScale design- but required?"

We have all learned that without the undocumented C45 10pf cap on the inductor power up of the DC-DC is really unreliable on the Micro.

On the 169 BGA EVK design of FreeScale this is not required... but on Olimex and our own 128 LQFP design it is MANDATORY... otherwise we reboot on power-up quite often.

Does anyone have additional input since the first thread in OCT 2012?

We are still having lockup and reboot issues when running Suspend and RESUME cycles over and over.

It's hard to finalize an OEM design with an undocumented and 'lucky' fix like using the C45.

Any ideas out there?