iMX233-OLinuXino based dream PLC

Started by olimex, October 02, 2012, 12:57:44 PM

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we got several e-mails about re-design of iMX233-OLinuXino to fit inside DIN rail and possibility to connect to other IO DIN rail modules, this is why I set this topic to may all interested parties to discuss.
What I think may be useful is iMX233 DIN module with side UEXT which allow another DIN modules to snap-together, all DIN modules will have pass-through UEXT connectors male/female on both sides so UEXT connection always is available to the next modules too.
through UEXT we can make IO relays/Optoisolated 4/4 modules, GSM-DIN rail, module, etc.
The base iMX233 DIN module will have LCD, WIFI, some buttons, what else?




features used in expensive PLCs are: RS232, RS485, Ethernet.
Ethernet you already have.
RS232 is nice-to-have, because you can communicate with cheap HMIs.
40 opto-isolated GPIOs (NPN or PNP output) would be good, but to lower BoM 12DI/12DO is enough.
2 Analog inputs are good, you can multiplex them.
Would be possible 1-wire master?
If you could fit it below 100EUR, you win.
Standard is 24V power supply.


This sounds like a great idea Tsvetan!

Rather than integrating WiFi (not so common on a PLC) I'd recommend the following on the front panel of the controller:
- serial console
- ethernet
- RS485 (2 or 4 wire for ModBus)
- USB host (for flash drive, WiFi, or additional serial port)
- power input



Necessary UEXT modules:
Count always at least 16I/O on one module, because you can :-)
8+8, 16+0, 0+16. If you could make 32I/O version, even little more expensive than 2x16.
Rule of thumb on todays market is 4-5 EUR/IO.
Better is to make opto-isolated transistor output - you could fit more I/O on DIN Rail.



sounds like a really good plan :D ! I had the same thing in mind with the Uext connectors, this way it's really easy expandable.
Only the LCD and the wifi ... I don't see the use for a lcd on a din rail because most of the time (99%) the closet which hold the plc will be closed, you may create a lcd panel holder with Uext for that ...
Second, since mostly the envoironment where the plc will be at has some noise from electricity cables which is not so good for (I think) the wifi and since much of the industrial closets are fully metal I don't know if the wifi can get through.
The base module should have only the base controls, some buttons (reset and maybe one user), some status leds (power, up and user), the sdcard and then as connection ethernet (wired prefered), usb, Uext (male/female), power (can maybe be given through Uext or wired through the din on screws).
Optionally if there's some room, the free screws of the din enclosure can hold some gpio's. All the other communication is already available through the Uext (rs232, rs485, I2C, SPI) and can be accessed with breakout modules.

For the I/O modules I think the easiest way is to keep it in numbers of 8's (bytes) since there are a lot of I2C I/O expander already there, same as ADC's and DAC's pcf8574, pca9655, mcp23017, max127, tda8444, etc. Those will get you pretty far.
I'm also experimenting with the modio for the moment. I'm using the free "select" pin of the Uext connecter and use it as an interrupt. So everytime something changes in the I/O's an interrupt is generated and data can be read (the same way for ex the pcf8574 does). This can not be done for analog signals of course.

PS: a dream solution would have a bit more ram and a faster µP  :). I tried to run domogik (, but it crashed due the less ram ...


hello ,

I produce digital and analog I/O boards for my own use

maybe this shortens development time of the PLC you are developing

look below for 24 / 12  digital I/O boards ( most bottom photo )

the boards have 26 pin flat cable connection to the CPU - the access to I/O's are memory mapped I/O

I used the boards in industrial environment - no problem so far


Quote from: jeroends on October 02, 2012, 06:08:14 PM
PS: a dream solution would have a bit more ram and a faster µP  :). I tried to run domogik (, but it crashed due the less ram ...

will 256MB be enough? A13-MICRO with Cortex-A8 @ 1GHz should be fast enough


Quote from: olimex on October 02, 2012, 09:25:33 PM
will 256MB be enough? A13-MICRO with Cortex-A8 @ 1GHz should be fast enough

More than!! I have for the moment a domotic system + server (webserver the one hosting my sites, sql, file etcetc) running on a mini pc running @ 500MHz (geode lx800) and 256Mb ram (shared with video), so running @ 1Ghz wil do  ;) (don't underestimate the power when not running a xsystem)


then I will send you one A13-MICRO from the developer edition (when we have them) so you can check your software with it!


could I have one more idea? :-) Maybe would be enough PLC shield or UEXT extension for Arduino. Normal PLCs have memory counted in kBytes and it is usually enough. 8 digital inputs / 8 outputs or better 16/16 I/O for 24V


in what language you will program the arduino plc?
MOD-IO even now adds unlimited number of IOs to Arduino


I don't mind to programm it in Arduino pseudo-c. What I see is that graphical tools are still used, but guys from electro-department tend to move from away ladder diagrams. I know of MOD-IO, but just four outputs is too little for me. I will not give 10 these boards in my rack. And noone would give me state approval to use it in home installation :-)


   This is a great idea and if materialized, a good break through.Beleive the whole design should be modular but sufficient enough size for small to large installations.

The CPU or base model is good enough  iMX233-OLinuXino had the processing power and memory and suitable UEXT connector for adding Communication modules like rs-485, rs-232 and IO modules.

my wish list would be

Real time clock

Modular IO in 8 and 16s should handle current/voltage/thermistor/thermocouple/counters,volt-free contacts,what i see missing in the UEXT MOD IO are Analog outs for voltage and current.

M-BUS interface card for reading meters

Like earlier comments the display module can be panel mounted ,small LCD have very little use


I use this Din box it housed the STM32 with Can Bus.
I was looking to use the A13/iMX233 and my User Interface for RV System.

The wifi is used to interface to tablets through the RV.
So the display as such is an app on the tablet.

the Din Box with the A13/iMX233 could connect to the Master STM32 through the UEXT.
the A13/iMX233 will have a touch screen LCD for local parms.
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