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Title: ESP8266-EVB GPIO12..15 input mode
Post by: miller on January 05, 2017, 06:48:40 pm

i'm not able to make gpio pin 12..15 working correctly as input pin,
gpio 0,2,4 works correctly in both mode input/output
gpio 12..15 works partialy correctly :
      as output pin ,  the register GPIO_ENABLE and GPIO_OUT have correct values, but the pin output level is allways at 3,3V,
      as input pin the result is allway a logic 0, but the pin level is 3,3V

First i tested with my code, then i used the https://github.com/eadf/esp8266_easygpio project code;
the results are the same, always in input mode 0

i have tested with an without pullup

The input level of those pins  is 3,3V

I have also tested with an external 2,2k pullup, same

Finally, as i bought three boards, i made the tests with all of them, same results !

I was thinking about a MUX miss using , but the results are the same with the two codes (mine and eadf project) ?

The MUX registers (0x60000804 .. 0x60000844) are stucks to the value 0x00000080, so with FUNC0, i tried to write the registers directly, bypassing the macros, same !

My conf :
  linux debian
  Espressif sdk 1.2.0

Thank's for  help and  advises
Fran├žois Miller 
Title: Re: ESP8266-EVB GPIO12..15 input mode
Post by: miller on January 06, 2017, 12:35:37 am
I fixed the point :

  - first the doc about MUX register bit mapping found at https://github.com/esp8266/esp8266-wiki/wiki/Memory-Map doesn't match the chip i have, and is not coherent with the macros of eagle_soc.h,
  - the macro PIN_FUNC_SELECT in eagle_soc.h of the 1.2.0 SDK version is wrong