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Title: MOD VGA initial working
Post by: a_santhanaraj on January 04, 2017, 01:59:37 pm
I have recently purchased the Olimexino 328 and MOD VGA 32MB for a project.
I have problems with using the MOD VGA board. Things that I have done are as listed below.

1. Connected the Olimexino board to PC, set voltage as 3.3V, Connected MOD VGA shield, connected UEXT connector between the two.
2. I installed Arduino 1.8.0. Configured the Gameduino library as told in the webpage.
3. I ran some Blink example. It runs successfully in Olimexno board. The LED is blinking at the time I have set.
4. Whatever example I select from File>Examples>Gameduino> is not working at all.
The gameduino examples sketches compile and uploads also. But I dont get any update on my monitor, or keyboard or headphone.

Is there any settings to be done for out of the box running?
Is there a procedure to test the board so that I can locate the problem?
Can you help me on how to rectify this easily.
The board is just out of the box, and I suspect there might be a problem in the board itself. Is there any way to replace the board?

Title: Re: MOD VGA initial working
Post by: LubOlimex on January 06, 2017, 01:49:21 pm
I believe the demo is written with the idea of connecting MOD-VGA directly over OLIMEXINO-328 using the Arduino shield connectors! Please test without using the UEXT cable - just connect MOD-VGA over OLIMEXINO-328 and test again! The orientation is simple -> the UEXT ports of both boards should be pointing in the same direction.

The UEXT port and cable in MOD-VGA's package are provided only for the cases where the board doesn't have Arduino shield connector (but then, typically, you can't use the Arduino library).

Best regards,