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Title: Bare Metal Support? Drivers? RK3188 headers?
Post by: quad_core on October 24, 2016, 10:54:54 AM
Hello Olimex community,

I'm hoping to develop a bare metal project with the RK3188 SOM, but I don't see any of the software support geared towards this, instead just Linux variants.
I wouldn't need to use the fancy features of the chip, just the IO, the SD card (boot, code, storage), and possibly the UARTs and the LCD control.

Does anyone know if such drivers are available, or if the ones from the Linux port are usable/adaptable for baremetal? At the very least having the header files for the processor registers would be very helpful.

The goal is to develop a humanoid robot with a single chip, and to be able to control all the IO for the sensors, motors, and servos deterministically in hard-real time, while gathering and processing vision from a couple cameras, having their data serialized outside. These and other tasks could be beautifully assigned to separate cores.

Thanks all  :)