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Title: Not Booting from SPI-Serial Flash, Not detecting RT5350 using JTAG.
Post by: pradeepsysargus on September 17, 2016, 09:29:53 am
We have RT5350F-OLinuXino-EVB.

We have designed a custom board based on RT5350 chipset and using EVB as a reference design.

We are able to program the SPI-Flash with U-boot and Kernel/Root File System Images.

Currently, the RT5350 is unable to boot from the SPI-Serial Flash.

We have given the below settings in hardware for RT5350 so far:

     PinName           Description            Value

1) SPI_CLK  (N1)         XTAL_FREQ_HI          0 (20Mhz)
2) WLAN_LED_N (K1)       Big Endian            0 (Little Endian)
3) EPHY_LED4_N (M4)      DRAM_FROM_EE          0 (From Boot Strapping)
4) EPHY_LED3_N (M1)      DRAM_SIZE            10 (32MB)
   EPHY_LED2_N (L4)
5) EPHY_LED1_N (L1)      CPU_CLK_SEL          00 (360Mhz)
   EPHY_LED0_N (K3)
6) SPI_MOSI (J3)         CHIP_MODE[2:0]       000(Normal Boot,Boot from SPI Serial Flash)
   TXD2 (N2)
   TXD  (K2)

Does the EVB has a any internal ROM code(RT5350) that is included when being shipped ?
The EVB is perfectly working fine, it is able to boot from SPI-Serial Flash.

Our Custom board is unable to boot from SPI-serial flash although we given same settings as of Evaluation board.

Is there something we are missing here.?

Is there platform or IDE that will help in programming RT5350 using JTAG? Currently, we are unable to detect the RT5350 chip using flashrom tool.

Pradeep Ch.