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Title: AM3352-OLinuXino design is planned
Post by: olimex on December 09, 2012, 01:34:34 pm
New AM3352-OLinuXino design is planned, based on Texas Instruments' Sitara AM335X Cortex-A8 processor, same serie which is used in BeagleBone

The board features will be:

AM3352 720Mhz, 512MB DDR3 RAM, power supply 6-16VDC, 4 USB hosts, 100Mbit Ethernet, SD-card, RTC, VGA, CAN, GPIO connector, LCD connector, UEXT connector, JTAG

Comparing to Allwinner, TI provides complete users manual, datasheets, and AM335X Linux support is already in mainline kernel, so this compensates the little bit higher price than A1X and the less performance at only 720Mhz.

The plan is to complete the schematic by end of December and to have prototypes in February, the price of AM3352-OLinuXino will be around EUR 50.