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Title: Broken ethernet in debian image
Post by: ocklin on March 07, 2015, 05:29:31 pm
It seems still bleeding edge. Some issues reported at boot but the most annoying one is that at least I didn't have ethernet working.

Just so that others don't need to waste as much time as I did: AM3352-SOM Debian with kernel 3.12.10+ release 2 is broken with that respect.

The issues is that udev rules generator generates rules that rename ethernet interfaces and /etc/network/interfaces uses the wrong names. I resolved it by accessing the AM3352 via UART0 and fixed the network interfaces names to use the renamed ones (eth2/3 instead of eth0/1). Probably better to fix the udev rules.

My completely uneducated guess there is an issue with VLAN and the dual emacs.

Its still kind of fishy as it takes 20 seconds to actually get the interfaces up now, but it works at least.


- please publish the debian sources
- please publish any kind of manual
- please make images available somewhere else than on torrent, sucks to wait 24hrs for a broken image; maybe do it as a kind of courtesy for having the SOM closed source (not criticizing that fact)

Title: Re: Broken ethernet in debian image
Post by: ocklin on March 14, 2015, 02:31:02 pm
Only briefly checked the new release 3 image. But the ethernet device issue should be solved there by removing the renaming udev rules.

Thanks for fixing this so quickly, great also to see the wiki growing so quickly.