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Title: Problem in initialisation of CS8900 in EasyWeb
Post by: Juergen on March 07, 2013, 10:20:08 PM
I have a problem in initialisation of EasyWeb. There is an instruction in a program cs8900.c
    Write8900(ADD_PORT, PP_SelfST);              // set register
  while (!(ReadReset & 0x0080));            // wait until chip-reset is done

The value 0x0080 in the "do .. while-loop" is not correct, because in my datasheet the reset-Bit is at Bit-position 6 and not 7. The value is correct 0x0040 and not 0x0080.
Another reason the reset-bit in the SelfCTL-Register of CS8900 will go to zero after a software-reset. It follows, the logic equation !(ReadReset & 0x0080) is always true.
regards Juergen Rieger

I found my Error itself. My mistake, I confused the register SelfCTL with register SelfST. The "do .. while-loop" is OK.