IRC #olimex 2019-01-05

[15:06:20] <dddddd> hi
[15:12:06] <jo0nas> morning
[15:21:35] <nedko> may it be good :)
[15:26:16] <jo0nas> has been already for some time, thanks :-)
[15:26:28] <jo0nas> ...and also: likewise!
[15:35:54] <dddddd> ACTION reading backlog
[15:37:16] <dddddd> It seems there's good stuff for TERES-I, those images (and scripts) looks like a great resource, thanks jo0nas!
[15:39:11] <dddddd> I like that you default to another DNS (:
[15:39:47] <dddddd> jo0nas, are the NTP hardcoded IPs from debian or...?
[16:21:32] <jo0nas> dddddd: what's wrong (in your opinion) with the DNS?
[16:23:06] <jo0nas> hardcoded NTP IPs should come with a comment hinting what they are and why they exist - where do you look where there is no such comment?
[16:25:15] <dddddd> nodes/core_teres1.yml in the salsa git repo. It says why (avoid deadlock) but I think not what.
[16:27:26] <dddddd> About DNS... I avoid G, that's it. Why do you replace it?
[16:38:30] <jo0nas> Improved note to clarify that it is pre-expansion of hosts: - thanks, dddddd!
[16:40:33] <jo0nas> I am not aware that I introduce use of Google DNS resolvers - on the contrary, I believe I explicitly set Cloudflare resolvers to _avoid_ systemd builtin default use of Google resolvers
[16:41:31] <dddddd> Exactly! that's what I do like
[16:41:35] <jo0nas> dddddd: ...which is also what I try communicate in my notes: use Cloudflare (not Google) fallback DNS resolvers
[16:41:47] <jo0nas> so... what problem do you see?
[16:42:09] <jo0nas> ahh - you _like_ that, I understand now :-D
[16:42:11] <dddddd> none, I think I never said it's a problem, on the contrary
[16:42:37] <jo0nas> thanks a lot for your critical view - much appreciated!!!
[16:43:47] <dddddd> thank you!!
[16:44:28] <jo0nas> keep 'em coming!
[17:24:51] <jo0nas> dddddd: also, if you are aware of related things to tweak please share - or better: Add them yourself to
[17:29:18] <dddddd> heh, that list can go on and on... (mostly offtopic here, and depending on your definition of privacy problem).
[17:30:14] <dddddd> I'll keep that in mind while reading your scripts.
[17:30:42] <dddddd> s/your/one's/
[17:31:51] <dddddd> ^ in the first sentence
[17:33:02] <dddddd> jo0nas, do you mind if I PM you here?
[18:01:50] <jo0nas> I generally prefer public discussion for anything that does not need discretion (i.e. not worry about being noisy, only about revealing secrets) and tend to be _less_ chatty if I feel that I am "wasting my time" by talking privately when unnecessary
[18:02:33] <jo0nas> that said, my "door" is open: My email is
[18:03:52] <jo0nas> dddddd: there's #debian-privacy on OFTC
[18:06:41] <dddddd> Does OFTC hide my IP in the channels by default? (I try not to be offtopic here), jo0nas
[18:07:53] <jo0nas> I would be surprised if OFTC did not respect _some_ privacy - but exactly what and how I cannot tell
[18:09:06] <jo0nas> ...after all, as I understand it OFTC was started by some of the more serious Free software projects, including Debian, being tired of Freenode
[18:14:40] <dddddd> there's the cloak thing, so you must be verified. For that, there's a captcha... from G. Sad.
[18:15:35] <dddddd> Sorry for the noise, I'll keep it on-topic from now on. Feel free to PM me...