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Started by appu, February 25, 2013, 04:51:12 AM

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I have recently purchased PIC-GSM development board. I am trying to control relays using SMS. When I try to communicate with GSM module with microcontroller in 115200 baud rate I could get only echo back ("AT\r") from GSM to controller Rx FIFO but there is no response ("\r\nOK\r\n"). But when I try with USB to serial converter on the board it shows the response for AT command and send OK as a response. In my code I have set USB to serial converter IC to rest and RTS and DTR to 0 level still I am not getting the response alone back whereas I could get echoed back till carriage return input.

TRISHbits.TRISH3 = 1;
// Reset USB to serial converter
LATHbits.LH3 = 0;

TRISD &= ~((1) | (1 << 2));
//RTS,DTR-output in zero
LATD &= ~((1) | (1 << 2));

Kindly help me out with the solution, I could not proceed further, my submission for the project is this week friday, looking forward for your reply as soon as possible,