PIC32-PINGUINO programing fail

Started by Borislav, September 19, 2012, 01:46:49 PM

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I have a problem for programing PIC32-PINGUINO
I use PIC-ICD2-POCKET for programing/debuging
The Self Test are passed
The pawer reported from MPLAP is Vdd:3.20,Vpp:2.8,MPLAB ICD 2 Vpp 10.94
target is connected to power adaptor 12V

Only reading operations are work all other failed
this is reproduced for 3 different target

this problem are not see when i used  MOD-USB-RS232

see log by MPLAB

Connecting to MPLAB ICD 2
Setting Vdd source to target
Target Device PIC32MX440F256H found, revision = Rev 0x50900053
...Reading ICD Product ID
Running ICD Self Test
MPLAB ICD 2 ready for next operation
Programming Target...
...Validating configuration fields
...Erasing Part
...Loading Program Executive
...Loading Debug Executive
...Loading Debug Executive Vector
...Programming Boot Config (0x1FC00000 - 0x1FC005FC)
...Verifying Boot Config memory (0x1FC00000 - 0x1FC005FC)
ICD0296:  Failed CRC check (Mem='BootConfig'  Expected=0xEEB5  Received=0x8C0E)
ICD0275:  Programming failed.
MPLAB ICD 2 ready for next operation
...Loading Program Executive
...Boot Config Memory (0x1FC00000 - 0x1FC02FEF)
...Program Memory (0x1D000000 - 0x1D03FFFF)
...Configuration Memory
...Read Succeeded
MPLAB ICD 2 ready for next operation
Programming Target...
...Validating configuration fields
...Erasing Part
...Loading Program Executive
...Loading Debug Executive
...Loading Debug Executive Vector
...Programming Boot Config (0x1FC00000 - 0x1FC007FC)
...Verifying Boot Config memory (0x1FC00000 - 0x1FC007FC)
...Programming Boot Config (0x1FC01000 - 0x1FC011FC)
...Verifying Boot Config memory (0x1FC01000 - 0x1FC011FC)
...Programming Boot Config (0x1FC02000 - 0x1FC02FEF)
...Verifying Boot Config memory (0x1FC02000 - 0x1FC02FEF)
...Programming Configuration Bits
...Verifying Config memory
Connecting to debug executive
...Programming succeeded
19-Sep-2012, 13:23:17

MPLAB ICD 2 ready for next operation



there are number of reports for problems programming PIC32 processors with ICD2. Unfortunately, they are mostly based on a C32 compiler mistake made by Microchip. The problem is probably the compiler - try using the newest C32 compiler. Check this post: http://www.microchip.com/forums/tm.aspx?m=336792&mpage=1&key=&#340577  You can also try different MPLAB version (note that ICD2 is not supported in MPLAB X).

Another thing you might give a try is increasing the supply voltage (be sure the adapter can provide enough current).

Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Thank you for reply
But i now used base version for C32 compilator 2.02a and in 32MX440F256H\configuration.data is CWORD:BFC02FFC:7FFFFFFF:7FFFFFFF  :-[

And see the log .
After "reading" process are complete  the next process "programing" is not fail but target not work

When i checked the schematic pdf and i see some confusion about reset pin
In web site for "PIC-ICD2-POCKET" is
"It is very important ... Use always 10K pullup resistor from MCLR to VCC"
but is schematic the pin is connected by RESET-33R-D2-3.3V maybe a problem or not?



Borislav I'm curious why you do not look the schemtic on the product page? MCLR is wired through 4.7K to VCC and this will not cause problems with PIC-ICD2-POCKET


Yes is existed resistor but parallel is he bypassed by a diode see:

And if in RESET pin put 13V for D2 this is positive according to 3.3V and D2 resistive is low so this (D2) is bypass for R16 and on pin MCLR voltage is ~7.5V
see simulation:https://www.circuitlab.com/circuit/825q2a/pic32-pinguino-icsp-conector/