ESP32-POE-ISO + MOD-RS485-ISO correct wiring

Started by vini, March 04, 2024, 09:44:57 PM

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Hi! I am trying to use an ESP32-POE-ISO with the MOD-RS485-ISO. I want to connect an cheap PNP Input board to it which has A+ and B- pins.

Whats the correct wiring? A+ -> A and B- -> B is not working. What is the correct jumper state to use it like this in the MOD-RS485? Thank you!


You definitely need GND wire too. Inspect at bottom of board on which terminal connector is GND.

Also make sure the terminating resistor is present on both RS485 boards. 12Ohm, on RS485 ISO AB and ZY jumpers should be closed refer to the schematic.

If your device is not duplex (aka has no ZY), and you still have troulbe you might also need to close the SMT jumpers at the bottom (this is done by soldering the pads together with solder and soldering iron).
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