LCD10-METAL-FRAME complete dimensions

Started by ardavast, February 11, 2024, 04:46:09 PM

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I'm making a PCB which attaches to the back of the LCD10-METAL-FRAME. I've looked at this diagram:

There are 8 holes in total. The 6 holes in the middle (the ones which are dark yellow in the pdf) are the same as the holes on the A20, so I was able to get their dimensions from here:  I'm searching for the dimensions of the remaining two holes. Do you have a more detailed drawing than this one, which shows them?

Currently my board outline looks like this:

Because I don't have the exact dimensions, I made two fairly large rectangular openings to the right, which will probably work, but still, I would prefer to be more precise than that.


Nice project, sadly, we don't have diagram or drawing for LCD10-METAL-FRAME. You'd have to measure dimensions that are not related to the LIME board empirically.
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