Anyone willing to get rid of their TERES-I?

Started by fraolt, February 11, 2024, 03:41:08 PM

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I'm doing kernel development for the pinephone and in the process apparently broke the TERES-I (both are based on the same System-on-Chip, the Allwinner A64).

I am not really looking for a new gadget, but I would like to at least properly rectify the bug I introduced. Is anyone willing to lend or donate their laptop for getting the Linux kernel running on the device again?

I'll be willing to pay for postage fees. I'm located in Germany.


fraolt is a Linux Kernel developer who's been very helpful in getting Linux 6.5+ display to work, said that having access to the device in any of hackerspaces located in Berlin would be sufficient.
* Community Lead Developer of Teres-2
* Maintainer of OLIMEX Teres-I on Armbian, NixOS, PostmartkerOS/Alpine
* Co-Author of an Official OLIMEX Teres-I support for Parabola GNU/Linux
* World record holder in annoying Tsvetan with questions about OLIMEX Teres-I hacking