Getting started using ethernet / USB debug cable

Started by rupeshm, February 17, 2013, 01:29:33 am

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I presently have the Olinuxino Maxi which I wanted to get started with.I have two doubts

1. Can I get started using the ethernet interface (telnet)? if so what would be the default ip address the OlinuxinO is shipped with ?

2. Since I did not get the USB serial cable for debugging , I was thinking of making one. I wanted to confirm whether a level converter is required or not ? I do not think its required since the USB Serial cable Olimex manufactures ( looks like a standard one without a level converter.



1. From google, I found the cable does have a built in level converter and using a standard USB cable directly would damage the board.

2. Due to the changing MAC address (on the shipped MAXI boards), it is difficult to get started using telnet.
   Is it possible to get the ip address to get started with ?
   Else,I need to make a converter circuit and set the mac and ip address first.



I think the easiest option is just taking the memory card, mount it on your development machine and just modify the necessary configuration yourself to set a static IP that fits to your network.


If you have a serial port available on your PC, you can make a cable yourself. You just need a TTL/RS232 driver.
I have used MAX3232CPE because it can be powered from 3.3V.
You have to connect wires to U-DEBUG connector. Pin 1 (farthest from power button) is input. Pin2 is output and and pin3 is gnd. You can get 3.3v from GPIO connector pin 38.


It is possible to get it up and running without any keyboard / serial cable.

I mounted the sd card on the development system as mentioned by jlumme.

Then I modified the etc/network/interfaces file so it would use a static ip instead of dhcp:

#iface usb0 inet dhcp
iface usb0 inet static

Used putty to connect to works like a charm! :-)