ESP32-EVB-IND ETHERNET on MicroPyhon problem

Started by nedoskiv, January 16, 2024, 03:52:09 PM

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we buy 10 x ESP32-EVB-IND, now we decide to use them with micropython, can you provide some assistance (example) how to initialize LAN8720 on Micropython. Standart ways produce an error.

Can you provide a working example for any of the standart micropython build?


We provide demos only for ESP-IDF and Arduino for ESP32. These can be found at our GitHub and used as basis.

Make sure that your config fits ESP32-EVB (it is different than ESP32-POE, ESP32-GATEWAY, and so on). It has Ethernet clock on GPIO0. Meaning config before compiling firmware should be something like:


Microphyton community is familiar with Olimex boards:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex