FOSDEM-85 Penguin upload program error

Started by williamhorowitz, January 29, 2024, 06:48:00 AM

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I am experiencing difficulties uploading a program with my FOSDEM-85 Penguin. I selected "Tools/Board/Digipark 8MHz- No USB - TinyCore" and "Tools/Programmer/Digispark" in the menu. I have installed the USB driver (libusb-win32 usb devices), which I can see in the device manager, but it does not appear under COM and LPT; instead, it has its own entry. I am using Windows XP.

When I attempt to upload the program to the FOSDEM-85, I receive the following error message: "Starting Upload. Abort mission! An error has occurred. Please unplug the device and restart the program."
Does anyone have any ideas about what might have gone wrong?

Also, I am wondering if the FOSDEM penguin is the same as the OLIMEXINO 85. I have not found any information about the FOSDEM-85 on the forum, but there are many discussions about the OLIMEXINO-85.

Thank you for your assistance!


Instructions are the same for all boards with ATtiny85 chip that we manufacture. So any OLIMEXINO-85 info applies to FOSDEM-85 too.

Follow the instructions at the digistump wiki page. I checked and it seems digistump web-site is experiencing some outages so if you can't reach it find in the web-archive:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex