STK500 error entering programming mode (with ATTiny4313)

Started by slotcarsten, December 02, 2023, 07:52:18 PM

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Unfortunatly I am lost, so now I humbly ask the forum if anybody can help.

I have a setup with an Olimex STK500 programmer attached to an AVR-IO board.
I program using the CodeVision AVR chip Programmer.

If the board carry a ATTiny2313 chip, everything programs as expected, but when I try to upgrade my project to the pin-compatible ATTiny4313, the programmer refuses to talk to the chip. Just trying to read the chip signature produces the error above, or any operation at all.

Is there anybody that have any suggestions as to do next?

Edit: Solved !
It turned out that the SCK Freq in the programmer needed to be reduced from 460800 to 230400 Hz.
Then it programmed nicely.
Hoping that this experience might be of help to others.