How to use non olimex LCD with STMP157 SOM

Started by yugandharbabu, October 17, 2023, 08:38:24 AM

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I want to use Riverdi 7inch 1024x600 LCD with STMP157 SOM. After I powered the entire unit I am not seeing anyting on LCD(I expected Linux terminal with login), but I can see all booting messages in UART console. I used the Olimage listed in STMP157 SOM User manual only.

Am I need to change any LCD configuration parameters and how to do that?
Is there any help doc to inteface new LCDs with Olimex Boards or Olimage?
Am I need to compile linux kernel or olimage for this task or only chnages in configuration files required?

Thanks in advance for the comments/answers which guide me to move on.