Actually usable GPIO pins on ESP32-POE-ISO

Started by johannesnordh, March 08, 2022, 02:31:38 PM

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I apologize if this subject already has been beaten to death but I have to confess: I don't quite understand the GPIO map. In the current project we only need ethernet (no poe), I2C and general GPIO pins (e.g. no SD card).

I wrote a test program that tests each pins capability:
  • Write 0
  • Write 1
  • Read using pullup
  • Read using pulldown
  • Read without pulldown, connected to logic 0
  • Read without pulldown, connected to logic 1
During each phase, ethernet is tested via an HTTP call. The results are presented in this image:
Init & XTest: test the ethernet connectivity.
WriteX: perform a DigitalWrite with X
XRead: call pinMode(pin, X) and try to read. GndRead and VccRead are performed with another pin connected set to low and high, respectivly.

The rows marked orange are not to be used.
Are there any other pins that should not be used or is the spreadsheet otherwise correct?

Best regards
Johannes Nordh



Can you upload the image elsewhere and share link or embed here (like for example)?
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