ESP32-SBC-FabGl - running ESP32TinyCPC with 128k (a.k.a. CPC 6128) ?

Started by Narno, September 30, 2023, 10:09:47 PM

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I just received my board - thanks, nice packaging & product. Invaders works fine and I was able to run more demos and emulation.

I am using your modified FabGL Lib
I selected ESP32 Dev Module as the board, with 4Mb QIO Flash (80MHz), Partition Huge 3MB.

With this I want to run the ESP32TinyCPC Amstrad CPC emulator.

When flashing with the default values, I am able to run the CPCemu from However if I want to try using 128k RAM mode (by setting #define use_lib_128k under gbConfig.h as explained at, I am getting a black screen after uploading the sketch. Same happens with any option like #define use_lib_cheat_128k or #define use_lib_fix_psram_128k.

I know that CPC 6128 emulation is recognized unstable however I was wondering if you would have any idea on how to make it work ? I am probably missing something simple, but... ?

Thanks much!


Not sure if this helps, but there is a fork with SD card support at - maybe you would have better luck with this one?


Thanks, will give it a try. I see the 6128 is still said to be unstable, but who knows ? :)