Need Some Help Regarding iMX233

Started by James7, March 29, 2013, 01:09:27 PM

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Dear Support,

I just came to know about iMX233-OLinuXino-MICRO processor of your. I want to interface 3G module to it over the USB. I want to know where can I order the pre-loaded care for linux for this processor? Moreover I also want to know is there any version that comes with 2 USB ports?? Also I want to know that if I don't want to use the external display but only the console is it possible to achieve that??



There is no micro version with 2 usb ports. For more usb get the mini or the maxi.
You can order the preloaded linux sdcard from their website:
You can use the serial console to access the board, you will need an usb-serial converter, get it from their site or use a generic 3.3v ftdi usb serial converter (get one from ebay), or you can use an arduino's ftdi (that one uses 5v be carefull).
Just as a heads up the linux kernel preloaded in the sd-card they supply until this date does not have kernel support activated for 3g modems, you will have to compile the kernel for 3g modem support.


I use a USB hub to get more usb ports. It works well.