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Started by hughsheehy, December 14, 2022, 05:46:23 PM

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Just an observation.

The fact that the root/olimex combination can't be used to log in via SSH is a long way down in the instructions for how to get started. Putting a note further up in the instructions that the combination for SSH is olimex/olimex might be helpful.



Will see what I can do, but as you noticed it is clearly stated on page 19 exactly as:

"Important! You should login as user olimex with password olimex over SSH. For security reasons you can't login as user root over the network."
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Coming back to this board a month later. Reflashed the SD card. Trying to boot. IP scanner finds the machine, but port 22 isn't open at all.

Any idea?


It really helps especially for me as a beginner. I have a quick question about the password. What if you don't have the server password and I only have a private key. Can you use the private key to log in instead of the password directly? My user name and IP connect me to the server but it was asking for the password. When I tried to paste the private key it won't allow me it says invalid. Is it possible to use a private key instead without login in using your password?