Access GPIO as a non root user

Started by highbyte, May 01, 2023, 04:57:32 PM

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Hi all,

I have a project where I would like to use the A64 board I bought this model: A64-OLinuXino-2Ge8G-IND and I used the recommended image: A64-OLinuXino-bullseye-minimal-20220928-143706.img.

After installation (over the sd card) I installed some sw and then shut down the system. After I turned it on again I could not access the ssh, and the HDMI was not working. The only way to communicate with the board was via UART. Is this oK?
However, I installed the system on emmc and it seems to work. 

Since there will be a lot of boards used in my project, is this the right way to install the OS?

After that, I wanted to use GPIOs which was ok as long I was logged in as root.
But in my application, I would like to access the GPIOs in NODE RED as a non-root user.

Do you know how can I achieve that?

Thanks in advance!