Using STM32 tools IDE, Yocto, etc

Started by jochipochi, March 14, 2023, 06:22:06 PM

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Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to use the STM32MP1 SOM with a different custom made carrier board.
For this I am using the STM32CubeIDE to generate the DTS and I'm compiling my own linux distro with Yocto (The way the ST documented)

Do you guys have a .ioc file or yocto BSP layer we can use to get started?
I'm currently just editing by hand from the sources:

And that is proving to be a bit of a pain compared to just having a BSP for yocto.

In any case. I will use this post to update on my progress in case anyone wants to follow along.


I am also looking for a Yocto BSP.
In my case I am evaluating an STMP157-OLinuXino-LIME2 board, i.e. no custom hardware devices to support (at least for now), but I need to create custom images with Yocto.

It is really a pity that there is only a binary Linux image available for this board and I wonder why Olimex is not providing a clean Yocto BSP. I think this would boost their product significantly.

Did you make any progress with your attempts?
Have you tried any of the following sources?

Best regards,


What do you mean with "there is only a binary Linux image available for this board" ?

There is fully open source image with all sources and build instructions available, no binary blobs inside the image. Refer to this document for more info on Olimage Linux:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Yes, you are right.
However, this build system seems to be proprietary in the following respect: If I want to add some features to my image I simply do not know where to start.

My ultimate goal is to get Flutter running on the OLIMEX board.

If I had a Yocto BSB to build on, I could add the respective Yocto recipes that exist for Flutter.

With the OLIMEX Build system it is not even obvious for me how to build the cross-compile toolchain.

Can you point me in the right direction?


OK, thanks. But that's certainly only one part of the story.

I will need a custom splash image, etc.

I am afraid, modifying the Olimage build scripts until every bit is in place will be very time consuming and painful.

Therefore again, a Yocto BSP would be a great help. Has anybody managed to successfully build a bootable image for the board with Yocto?

@jochipochi: Have you made any progress? You said that you will use this post to report on your progress.


Quote from: mx73 on March 31, 2023, 10:23:57 PM@JohnS:
OK, thanks. But that's certainly only one part of the story.

I will need a custom splash image, etc.
Put the whole image under some directory (*), change what you wish, move it all to whatever you want to boot from (SD card or whatever). Boot it. Done.

(*) You can mount it that way if it's easiest, else copy it.

Any Olimex scripts will just help you see what if anything needs a bit of care.

The common case is you have an SD card. Use dd to copy it to your hdd, then use mount -o loop, change as needed, umount it, dd it to another SD card (or the same one).