Can not connect Ethernet on AM3359-SOM and LAN8720A

Started by phuongnph, February 01, 2023, 12:14:26 PM

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Hi everybody,
I'm connect AM3359-som and LAN8720A to get Ethernet connection. We use LAN1's slot, we changed dtb loaded, reboot the board. I see in AM335x-SOM wiki, it has the information of default IP address. So I just wondering that we need to config this IP address or not? If we need to change this IP address, can you give me a detailed instruction of this one. 


LAN1 is configured with default static IP address of LAN2 is configured as DHCP. If you have trouble with one of them try using the other. The network settings can be edited in /etc/network/interfaces via a text editor (vi or nano).

Very important (!!!):

You need VLAN enabled to establish a proper connection to the board (as defined in IEEE 802.1Q). Make sure your hardware is compatible with IEEE 802.1Q. Make sure you have to enabled VLAN for the router/switch/bridge or the network card otherwise the Ethernet connection to the AM3352-SOM-EVB board will fail. You can find a lot guides online on how to enable VLAN (or VLAN tagging) for your specific hardware and operating system.
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Thanks for your reply  :) . We already configured VLAN in LAN1 port, and we check this VLAN with our computer, it show that ip address is 192.168.1. and computer can use this VLAN to do everything. But when I connect it to AM335x-SOM, it still can not connect Ethernet through this VLAN.
We think we will change to LAN2 port. But before that I just want to know there is anything else I can do to make it work in LAN1 because we need to adjust my hardware board (solder with cable) to change the connection between LAN1 and LAN2.


So LAN2 works for you?

Then there is some issue in the software settings for LAN1..
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thanks for your reply.
Actually LAN2 does not work for us. Each time we connect combination (AM3359+LAN8720A) to our computer. my computer shows that

and last time we connect through LAN1, it shows,


So both LAN1 and LAN2 are not working...

Did you also test with the Olimex SOM-EVB (AM3359-SOM-EVB)? It is good idea to test with our board of peripherals first, before switching to own boards and solutions.
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thanks for your reply. Actually, we are in a rush so it is difficult for us to ordering EVB to test. Hope you can give me the other ways to solve this problem without ordering EVB. If you don't mind, can you check our connection in this:
Thanks a lot


Umm, I am not sure if I can check it for you since we haven't used same module. In our AM3359-EVB we use 17 data signals and reset, when there are half of it in your diagram. Check here:

The EVB design is open source hardware so make sure to use it as a basis. You can find it here:

Also even if you establish the proper hardware connections, it is possible that this is not good enough on physical level - Ethernet signals get influenced by long wires, bad contacts, they require length matching etc etc. Even if the hardware connections are alright the hardware design needs to meet the Ethernet routing requirements.
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Thanks for your reply. I check my connection with the manufacturers many times and I thinks it can't be wrong. After this command - "sudo apt-get update", I got the message
"Err jessie/updates InRelease

Err jessie InRelease

Err jessie/updates Release.gpg
Could not resolve ''
Err jessie-proposed-updates InRelease

Err jessie Release.gpg
Could not resolve '
Err jessie-proposed-updates Release.gpg"

I don't know which problem is it. Hope you can tell me which problems and how to solve it in this situation.

Moreover, can you tell me how to check ip adress that AM3352-SOM use at the time?

Thanks a lot for your supportings