A20-Olinuxino random shutdown/Sleep

Started by faraz, November 24, 2022, 06:04:42 AM

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I am using this board via ssh to control servos.
The servo programs are written in python and are called in the background during boot.
Everything works fine. But for some reason the board goes off randomly. Just the red LED remains on, and the green goes off. After around 1 or 2 or 3 hours.

I have tried looking at syslog and messages but couldn't locate as to why that is happening?

Is it a default sleep setting that shuts it down or puts it into hibernate?
I am using a Helios APK25-2405 power supply.


Red LED is power LED, green LED is user LED. Green LED might go off for software reasons, red LED going off means power off. So it should be some software quirk or hang up. Might be hard to determine on why software hangs, it is usually something specific. Sometimes it can be really obscure - like memory gets full, some logs filling memory, etc, etc.

There is no sleep or hibernate enabled by default. But if you are doubting the power supply it would be easy to check if it is related to it - just install a backup Li-Po battery and check if the issue remains. Li-po battery can keep the board powered if there are power supply spikes. Something like this:

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Does anyone know how I can configure the axp209 to auto start if it detects system has shut down? Given the power is still on.