Can we upgrade from Debian Buster mainline image to Bullseye?

Started by mossroy, December 19, 2021, 10:17:19 PM

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A "regular" Debian system can be easily and safely upgraded to release n+1 by following the steps given by Debian. From Buster to Bullseye, it's

Is it possible to upgrade an existing Olinuxino A64 (installed with mainline Buster images provided by Olimex) to Bullseye, following these instructions?
Are there some more steps to follow? Or some more things to take care of?


I know this URL : it allows to download your latest debian bullseye image, to install it from scratch on a SD-card.

But that was not my question.

I'm talking about an "in-place" upgrade to bullseye of an existing device running on debian buster, keeping all its configuration, packages, data etc, with a very small downtime.

This is supported by any "regular" Debian installation (see the link of my original post)


It should work if the release has not broken anything.

(Reading the upgrade docs I have doubts! Still, first thing is full backups...)



Quote from: lowry on December 09, 2022, 10:23:05 PMSo, did you manage to upgrade?

No: I did not dare to try, as Olimex answer seems to imply that it's not officially supported.

I re-installed from latest official image.