Automatic synchronization: System time - RTC-MOD and RTC-MOD - System time

Started by alexandru.racovita, October 20, 2022, 11:17:32 AM

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Hi all,

I successfully installed RTC-MOD on A64-2Ge8G-IND (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS), activated the driver and it is registered as rtc1.
[  131.154206] rtc-pcf8563 1-0051: registered as rtc1
I changed the device used by hwclock to "rtc1" and I can read and write successfully using "hwclock -r / -w"
I want to be able to set the system clock from the hardware clock (rtc1) at boot automatically, dmesg output:
[    0.729475] sun6i-rtc 1f00000.rtc: registered as rtc0
[    0.729512] sun6i-rtc 1f00000.rtc: setting system clock to 2022-10-30T22:00:34 UTC (1667167234)
I notice that it is set after rtc0 registration.
It would also be good that after the internet time synchronization, the date should be periodically written in the module to avoid timedrift.
Has anyone managed this? (without creating service / cron)




How I solved it:

I modified in source of linux-olimex, in .config file the following:


Then I rebuilt the kernel.

It can be closed, thanks!