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PureOS on Teres-I

Started by ChrisM, March 02, 2021, 06:47:32 AM

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I am not a Linux power-user or very knowledgeable about hardware.  However, I note that PureOS is designed to work on both phone and desktop PC.  As a result, I think it must be able to run on ARM, and therefore perhaps Teres Allwinner chips.  A few Redditors seem to agree.

I'm going to order a Teres-I. 

Then, until/unless I find it is impossible, I am going to work on the problem of putting PureOS on Teres-I.

If anyone has comments/advice or is also interested in this, please let me know by commenting here.

Thank you very much.


There can be a lot of Linux distribution that would boot on the A64 chip of the Teres-I, however getting all peripherals working (display, keyboard, audio, etc, etc) would probably require massive effort and significant Linux and hardware knowledge.

In any case our sources and build instructions for the images should be used:

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If you figured something out then you can join me at https://www.olimex.com/forum/index.php?topic=9020.0 ideally if PureOS has some kind of automation in place that can build the image
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