Dead board?

Started by RolandL, June 13, 2022, 09:57:41 PM

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Some time ago I bought an A10 board. Finally got around to using it but... NOTHING.
Only the power led lights up, which is bright and the charge led lights up dimly.
After that nothing happens.
Nothing on the HDMI monitor.
Nothing on the serial port at 115200.

The board is powered via the barrel jack by a 5V 3A powersupply.

What could be the problem?


When using the serial cable - make sure the RX/TX/GND are properly connected. If you swap RX and TX nothing comes out. Funny characters usually come out if GND is missing.

Could be a problem with the card or the image? Did you download the proper image? Did you try to re-write it?

Maybe try the "base" image from here:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


I will try your suggestions over the weekend and let you know what happened. Thanks!


It turned out to be a problem with the sd-card.
The first card I used was class 4.
The card itself works that's why I didn't suspect that to be the problem but apparently the board didn't like it.
After flashing the image on an A1 card it booted up without problems.

Thanks for the suggestions.