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ARM-TINY-H as ICSP programmer??

Started by KK1L, May 09, 2022, 07:20:51 PM

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I have searched a bit and cannot find if the ARM-USB-TINY-H can be used to flash a PIC with ICSP. I have the TINY-H, so it saves getting another programmer interface if possible.

Thanks and sorry if a dumb question.

73 es God Bless de KK1L <><


I know for sure that the debugger can be used for PIC32 chips. I don't think it can be used from smaller PICs and ICSP, but it can be used for PIC32 chips and their JTAG interface.

Still make sure to double check the software support. If there is support for PIC32 in OpenOCD or someone from the OpenOCD community did it before, then go ahead. If you have to write the software support from scratch, better get PIC programmer or debugger.

Also notice this programming tool:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex