Unexpected shutdowns after upgrade to kernel 5.10.105

Started by mossroy, March 26, 2022, 02:36:41 PM

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This is not about the maximum frequency, which is fine as it is, @LubOlimex. When the board overheats, it throttles somewhat. The thermal system manages the latter, while cpufreq handles the former; the two are essentially orthogonal.


Does the latest kernel provided by Olimex (5.10.105-olimex #072307 SMP Wed Oct 12 07:24:41 UTC 2022) fix this stability issue?

I did not find anything related in the latest commits of https://github.com/OLIMEX/linux-olimex/commits/release-20220413-v5.10.105


@LubOlimex, the maximum frequency is good as it is; this is not about that. The board throttles a little bit when it gets too hot. The two are essentially orthogonal; the thermal system controls the latter and cpufreq controls the former.


I see no related commit in your latest kernel branch https://github.com/OLIMEX/linux-olimex/commits/release-20230217-v5.10.105  :(

Again, the idea is not to switch to another governor or change maximum frequency, but to adjust temperature thresholds to avoid boards overheating and shutting down.


Perhaps it stems from a change you made to the most recent image (other than the kernel) that wasn't made available for update in your apt repository? It's only a potential explanation that you may try to replicate.