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Started by henzelince, July 11, 2022, 04:37:15 PM

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Is it possible to use the ARM-USB-TINY-H with KEIL SDK ?


Most likely no. But I am not sure what do you exactly mean with KEIL SDK. They have two products that they release and support, one named "Keil MDK-ARM" and the other named "ARM DS-5". The "Keil MDK-ARM" would NOT work with ARM-USB-TINY-H for two reasons:

1. We haven't released Keil-specific driver;

2. Keil haven't implemented OpenOCD GDB option in "Keil MDK-ARM" for compatibility with all OpenOCD debuggers via OpenOCD.

However, the ARM DS-5 might work since it has gdbserver, so you can establish OpenOCD connection and set the gdbserver for communication. We haven't tested it tho. You can find ARM DS-5 here:

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