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Help for a project

Started by malpaso, January 29, 2022, 04:03:49 PM

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Hello, how are you?
I hope everyone is okay!
I'm new here on the forum, I'm from Brazil, my nick name is malpaso!
Please seek guidance, I will describe it below!
I'm building an F-16 Home Cockpit (flight simulator), where I'll need to connect, encoders, potentiometers, leds, switches, I've been seeing this board that is made by you. ESP32-POE-ISO development board, I'll be using it in this project arduino mega 2560 and Pokeys 57U boards, I also believe that I have to use a POE Switch, today my biggest concern would be regarding the use of the PC's USSB Ports and the amount of wires scattered in the Home Cockpit, there is a problem I don't know how to do that and not even if it can be done!
Please, can someone help me to develop this, I don't have much programming knowledge, what boards would I have to buy for this project, if it's possible to develop it?
Would you have to use Esp 8266?
My operating system is Windows 10
Thanks in advance for any help!
Stay safe and stay tuned!

Sorry if I didn't post in the right place!


I came here to thank, for the help and for the answers, to my post in the Forum!