OLIMEXINO-5510 Rev B power supply

Started by Chester Gillon, September 17, 2012, 01:06:22 AM

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Chester Gillon

The built-in LIPO charger is useful to power the OLIMEXINO-5510 itself. However, when powered by the battery only the 3.3V rail to the shield is powered. i.e. when using a shield which uses the +5V rail the USB will be needed to power the OLIMEXINO-5510 + shield.

Could the design be changed to generate the shield +5V rail from a DC-DC step-up from the battery, similar to as done on the sparkfun ProtoBoard - Diprotodon?

(I was looking at adding a MP3 shield based upon the VS1053b and the only ones I found are powered from the +5V rail, so with the existing OLIMEXINO-5510 can't use when powered from the battery)


MSP430 is 3.3V device, step up to 5V is just tempt one to apply 5V to MSP430 GPIOs :)
MOD-MP3-X-LITE https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/MP3/MOD-MP3-X-LITE/ can take powet via UEXT and operate from 3.3V so no need to fancy 5V converters