Help: Batteries for small LED projects

Started by niwkeini, January 17, 2022, 04:45:15 pm

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Hi all,

I was planning to power 3x LEDs in series draining 7V of power with 100ohm resistor using a 9V battery with 900mAh.

For some reason the battery dies very quickly at 20mA LED drain.

I was wondering if I should consider using A or AA batteries instead for powering small LED projects. I originally thought the 9V batteries are best for voltage and longevity, but am beginning to think it's not the case.

Could anyone recommend a good battery setups as I'm planning to do a lot of LED decorations for my wedding and would like them to last for a good while.

Side question. Is it normal for a 900mAh 9V NiMH battery voltage to drop from 8.6V to 6v in about 15 seconds upon powering 3x leds? Or is it possible that the charger ive got for those batteries are not even charging them? As soon as battery rises to 8.6V it automatically stops charging. (in about 4seconds).