A20 Allwinter doesn't boot

Started by Siron, October 26, 2021, 10:47:28 pm

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Hello together

I have a Problem with my Ultimaker 3. He doesn't boot. I try a recovery Image but it doesn't work.

I oped the 3D printer and i saw a Olimex Board was bulid in.
I boot the board with a Serial connection and i only see in the console

"U-Boot SPL 2016.05-ultimaker-00017-g68b3b1c (Apr 09 2018 - 14:28:14)
CPU: 912000000Hz, AXI/AHB/APB: 3/2/2

I think the Ram is no longer recognized.

Would you possibly have an idea how to save the board?

Thank you for any answer.


You should call Ultimaker support about this issue. They have their own software distribution and it's probably protected from copying. We have no information about what they do, they just buy hardware from us.


Hi thank you for your quick answer.

i try the Ultimaker support to solve my problem.