MOD-IO using NodeJS on the A20

Started by JerkoNikolic, October 18, 2021, 06:45:47 pm

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Hi guys
I figured some of you may have use for an npm package that eases interfacing with the MOD-IO board on the A20 (tried with the OLinuxIno MICRO IND)
Since the git repo is not currently linked to the package, there's no way to get feedback. This seemed like a good start.
Feel free to ask for help or give suggestions and I'll try to answer within a day or two.


Thanks for the effort and contributions. I have added your link directly on the MOD-IO web-page in the "COMMUNITY" section, please check it and let me know if the description and links look good to you.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Looks great, also, really cool to be included on the official page. I'll try and get the "repo" part linked to the package as soon as we get that internally sorted.
Until then, all issues, bugs and requests can go through here. Questions as well  ;D

Hopefully the LCD2.8RTP package will follow soon.
I understand these boards already have C or Python libraries, but it seemed some people might benefit accessing the boards directly from their NodeJS server.