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LoRa868 power consumption

Started by leo.costa, September 17, 2021, 03:17:51 pm

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i've just read in the LoRa868 user manual that Lora based devices can work up to 10 years from small lithium battery, but in the same manual in the "Power Supply" paragraph the sleep mode consumption is rated at 0.2mA. With that consumption, not considering the remaining components (uC, peripherals, etc.), and not considering the battery self-discharge, after 1 years 1800 mAh are required. That sleep mode consumption is not compatible with 10 years of battery duration. I think that statements is misleading, my advise to developers is to make the power consumption estimation before starting the development on a module.



Thanks for the notice! It is typo in the datasheet... It is 0.2uA in sleep mode...

The values were copy pasted wrongfully from page 14 of the datasheet of SX1276...

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